At one with nature

Here in the well-known prime locations of Köwerich, Detzem and Klüsserath we primarily grow Riesling, the most prized white grape variety that is favoured by the climate here, grown on warm, mineral-rich slate soil.

Our vineyard offers a wide range of top-quality wines, namely the Köwericher Laurentiuslay, Detzemer Maximininer Klosterlay and Klüsserather Bruderschaft.

In addition to the Riesling, Rivaner and Burgundy grapes grow where the soil is gravelly or loamy, making lower-acid, fruity wines.
We are particularly proud of the fact our customers are enthusiastic in their approval of the Spätburgunder and Dornfelder red wines. We will also soon be adding a Grauburgunder to our selection.

Our philosophy of winegrowing is centred on the classic Riesling. The naturally green areas and reduced pruning mean fruity, healthy grapes grow.

Traditional manual work combined with the use of the most modern technology guarantee optimal production. Balanced organic fertilisers and well-aired rows of plants in direct sunlight ensure the grapes ripen healthily. This healthy ripening of the grapes is essential for acquiring the rich and aromatic Moselle wines.