Köwerich – A place for wine and holidays

The history

According to some old school records, the name Köwerich (Cabriacum) is Celtic in origin. Evidence of its early existence can be seen in the Roman foundations, for example the aqueduct. It is said that the Romans enjoyed spending holidays here. Along with 17 other wine locations with a rich history, Köwerich belongs to the holiday area known as the ‘Roman wine route’.

Wine and culture

One record proves that viniculture was being carried out in the year 704. For generations, the cultivation and trade of wine has left its mark on the people of Köwerich and their culture. The main grape grown here is the Riesling, which is favoured by the climate here and grown on good slate soil.
Join is in spring to experience the vines blossoming and in autumn for harvesting in the golden countryside. And in May to October you’ll get to see the most beautiful wine and street festivals in the area.